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Mars Food France, VR experience

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VR simulation of a shopping experience, from the point of view of the end consumer, intended to convince retailers on the layout recommendations of the shelves.


MARS Ebly/Ben's Original


The relaunch of the Ben's Original brand has led to several transformations, from the structuring of the range, to the look of the packaging and the way the shelves are organized in the stores. In order to convince the retailers, the MARS Ben's Original teams used virtual reality to make the sector managers experience the retail buying experience of the end consumer. VR highlights the importance of shelf organization in relation to MARS packaging and that of the competition.

Customer benefit

Facilitating the shopping experience and improving shelf visibility to increase sales turnover.

Development time

Project carried out over a 2-month period, using MARS merchandising data ( planograms, product listings, competitor visuals):

  • modeling of a retail space
  • shelving 3D modeling
  • layout of MARS and competitor products
  • implementation of the VR experience with different shopping scenarios
  • training of sales representatives


4 people


  • Project manager
  • 3D Graphic Designer
  • Python developer
  • 3D Integrator


  • HARFANG 3D Technology
  • HTC VR equipement