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SNCF, Behavioral Study

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Behavioral study conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of signage in train stations in order to reduce the rate of track-crossing accidents. This study was conducted in virtual reality with 100 subjects, on a fully equipped set so that they could move as if they were physically in the station.




In France, 95% of railroad crossing accidents are fatal, which makes it impossible to conduct full-scale studies. In this project, Virtual Reality enabled us to carry out a study on a large number of people without altering their behavior or introducing any observation bias.

Customer benefit

This study allowed to quickly and objectively inform decisions for new security features to be implemented.

Development time

This project was developed iteratively over a period of 3 months, and then used as part of the study over a period of 3 months:

  • modeling of 3D scenes for environment approval
  • creation of real-time 3D content for the VR experience
  • implementation of the scenario engine
  • implementation of the behavioral data capture
  • layout of the set, VR, video capture, capture of physiological data
  • training of the scientific teams to operate the experiment


9 people


  • Project Manager
  • Doctor in ergonomics
  • 3D graphic designer
  • C++ developer
  • Python developer
  • 3D integrator
  • Video director


  • HARFANG 3D Technology
  • VR Equipement HTC Vive Pro Eye
  • Eye-tracking
  • IoT Android