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Sonovision, VR training generator

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A virtual reality industrial training creation tool that is both flexible and modular. Developed for ORTEC Sonovision, the tool is designed to write VR scenarios that can easily evolve and be deployed for the training of Sonovision's industrial customers.


Sonovision (groupe ORTEC)


VR is particularly suitable for industrial training, especially because it allows the learner to be immersed in a digital copy of an industrial site. All maintenance operations, described step by step, are easily transposed into VR scenarios. The modularity of the solution allows the creation of hundreds of variations of the same scenario, by modifying the layout of the simulated intervention site, the references of parts and tools to handle.

Customer benefit

Flexibility & ability to create and adapt training content in record times for the industry.

Development time

Project carried out over a 6-month period, comprising of a user needs study, an implementation phase and the creation of real-time 3D models:

  • 3D modeling, environments and tools
  • design of a Python API
  • implementation of the scenario engine
  • training of Sonovision teams


5 people


  • Project Manager
  • 3D Graphic Designer
  • Lead C++ Developer
  • Python Developer
  • 3D Integrator


  • HARFANG 3D Technology
  • VR equipement: VR HTC Vive/Vive Pro/Valve Index